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EcarPOWER 45 hybrid

ü Emission free(stand-alone)

ü Emission reduction(hybrid)

ü ADR free transport

ü Plug & play

ü Online monitoring

ü Robust design


Why the EcarPOWER 45 hybrid

More sustainable and flexible

The battery can be used stand-alone, but also in a hybrid setup. This makes it possible to set up a power installation very precisely to your power demand. This way you get a solution tailored to your specific project requirements That is more sustainable than fully adjusting a traditional installation to just the peak demand. And just as reliable! Many combinations are possible:

  • With a generator; to absorb peak demands, to use a generator more sustainably and to guarantee a continuous power supply in locations where there is no fixed connection to charge the battery.
  • With the electricity grid; to increase the peak power at a smaller connection
  • With solar panels; storing solar energy during the day and using it at a later time or supplying it to the power grid (congestion management).

In addition, every conceivable combination of these elements is possible. So you can also connect your own solar panels, grid connection or generators to a Bredenoord battery. The Bredenoord experts like to think along with you about the most efficient solution and realize these hybrid systems on location. If necessary, we measure in advance on location exactly how much capacity is needed.














Jasper Baltus

Managing Director