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Battery for Business

A scalable battery for business purposes. This battery can grow with your company.

Battery enclosure1

Battery enclosure

Battery enclosure2

Modular Battery system

Modulair Business – Home Battery

Batterij based on a 19’ inch rack modular concept. Battery is for outside installation, comes with active ventilation. 

cells technology: lithium iron phosphate 

life cycles: >6000 @90% DOD (16 years at one cycle a day)

Inverter manufacturer: Victron Energy BV

Nominal inverter voltage: 51 volt DC


Product warranty batteries 10 years, inverters 5 years 

installation 2 years. 

Turnkeys installed

Inverters turnkey installed


The battery has a scalable capacity range of 25 kWh to 100 kWh. 


The design of the battery box is robust, simplistic and durable.


Because of the good quality cells, and the built-in safety systems. The battery can load and unload up to temperatures of 60 degrees Celsius.


Because of its extremely sturdy, safe and durable design, we are certain that the cells last a long time. That is why SolarTechno gives 5 years 100% guarantee when buying the product.