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Off-grid in Italy

Off-grid Villa

Imagine living off-grid in sunny Italy. A specialized partner of us turns sun-rich homes into self-sustaining houses, with the use of modern solar panels and our refurbished battery cells. Across the globe, you can find his installations, from Europe to the far Middle East. 

The roof

This is where the magic happens. Between 10 to 20 solar panels are installed, depending on the size and sheerness of the roof. In this particular case, there are in total 15 Sharp 290Wp panels, which provide sufficient power to cover two days. 

Off-grid in Italy
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The internal

On the left, the founder of SolarTechno with our refurbished battery cell and Sharp solar panels. The system\’s set-up he designed allows rapid installation with all necessary certifications and safety requirements. Turning any conventional house into a mini power supplier within days. 

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