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Unfortunately, still today there are many children in the world that do not have the means to study and live with sufficient light or have access to digital tools. These crucial elements limit their learning capabilities and make the unprepared for the digital world. SolarTechno decided to do something about it. Together with the United Nations, they started a project to turn a school in Cameroon into a self-sufficient system with the use of our battery cells. 

How it’s organized

The solar cells will be installed around the school, and in this way, the school is always assured of electricity, even at peak moments or less sunny days. This is important because the students do not only study at school but live there too.


Let’s begin

A container designed by SolarTechno full of electricity had gone to a school complex in the interior of Cameroon. This container contains 90 solar panels, wiring and 320 refurbished battery cells with a total capacity of 48 kWh.

Many more to come

The start of this project is the seed of something bigger. We want to keep supporting these kinds of initiatives, growing our sustainable and social impact. In addition, serving as an example for the applicability of refurbished batteries, and establish a fundament for reliable and affordable energy storage for remote hospitals/schools in Africa that do not have a stable power supply. 


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