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Second-Life EV battery cells

Second-Life EV battery cells

Battery Modules

High Voltage Relais

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HV Cables

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Current Sensors

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We extend the life cycle of lithium batteries, with another 5 to 10 years.  


Li-ion batteries are an important part of the energy transition, but highly priced. Our batteries are affordable and fairly priced. 


Li-ion batteries are difficult to get, because nearly all enter into the automotive market. We grant companies the opportunity to get big quantities of reliable cells for their innovative products. 

The journey of a refurbished battery cell


EV batteries are collected and transported to our warehouse. Here they will be checked upon income and scheduled for disassembly. Several specialists break down the battery into cell/module level before they can be individually evaluated. 


Selection & testing

After the disassembling, the cells will be evaluated. We will select which cells are good enough for second life application by several criteria; external damage, capacity, internal leakage, voltage, and terminal conditions. 

Prepare for sending

All battery cells that are approved for refurbishment are sold to a selected group of specialized partners. Transportation on cell level will be arranged, with all right ISO precautions and UN packaging regulations. 



All the other leftover materials are separated by kind and distributed to recycling centers or reused; like fuses and BMS chips. In this way, we can deliver a promising 98% recycling percentage. 


Are you a product producer or manufacturer and searching for lithium batteries. Get in contact with us to learn more about our various offerings.