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The EcarPOWER 45kVA is a rental trailer that allows you to place an affordable energy supply nearly everywhere. The trailer can be towed by a car or van, making it easy to move to any location. The trailer can be used for many off-grid or grid support applications. From lighting systems, to events, foodtrucks and sound installations. The applications are near endless. The EcarPOWER 45kVA uses Second-Life Batteries from EcarACCU to create it’s 50 kWh capacity. Combined with a Victron converter it delivers a constant output of 36000W or 45kVA. The EcarPOWER 45kVA offers next to the standalone batteries the possibility to connect a generator, to create a hybrid generator energy supply.

ecaraccu all in one ecarpower

Why the EcarPOWER?

  • Easy to use
  • One Screen monitoring
  • Ability to charge and discharge at the same time
  • Wide range of in- and outputs
    • Schuko
    • 16A/32A/63A
  • Enough capacity for each project (50kWh)
  • All the cells/modules are high performance second life batteries

EcarPOWER 15/24/45 kVA

One Screen Monitoring

  • Incoming current
  • Outgoing current
  • Capacity


  • 16A Schuko
  • 16A 3-phase
  • 32A 3-phase
  • 63A 3-phase


  • 63A 3-phase
  • 32A 3-phase
  • 16A 3-phase
  • 16A Schuko
ecarpower voorkant

Custom EcarPOWER


  • 50 kWh
  • 70 kWh in progress

Our standards

  • Fire extinguishing system
  • Online monitoring
  • Replaceable battery
  • Video tutorial


  • Mover + remote control
  • Luggage reck 1000 kg
  • Extendable side lights
  • Design + stickering

Charging time EcarPOWER

laadtijd ecarpower

EcarPOWER x Koninklijke SAAN

Also featured by NH Nieuws in the Pak an Doen series, our collaboration with Koninklijke Saan. Pak an Doen is a serie about innovative Dutch companies and this item was about our battery trailer – the EcarPOWER! View the item here.