EcarPOWER provides Liberty day with energy

On Liberty day EcarACCU was busy with a total of 4 projects.

The brigade of Utrecht used the EcarPOWER for their boats. The 1600 kg EcarPOWER was retreived by an Ioniq 5. During the day the Ioniq 5 occasionally supplemented the EcarPOWER.

At Bevrijdingspop in Utrecht there are multiple stages with artists but also a stage for 5 innovative startups. That’s where the EcarPOWER was situated that provided multiple machines of power. Like a coffee machine, sandwich iron and an airfryer. The EcarPOWER was in turn recharged by a new unit: Watermeln-6. This is a hydrogen aggregate as a result of which there were no CO2 and nitrogen emissions. 

In Broek op Langedijk a party was organized with a stage, inflatables and other small consumers. Normally a diesel aggregate would be used to support this, which would use 120 liters. By providing a smart management of the EcarPOWER this usage has been reduced to just 14 liters of diesel.

In Berkhout there is a special fair drink during the fair called Berkhouse. This includes a big stage, refrigerated truck, chips shop and small electronics. The EcarPOWER mostly provided the energy.